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OKOTA Plans Per National & State Emergency Alerts

Tuesday, March 17, 2020 12:07 PM | President Admin (Administrator)
The Oklahoma Occupational Therapy Association works for YOU, all year long. Our all-volunteer board members actively monitor, evaluate & plan how best to support the needs of providers and students and clients across our state. 

We recently moved website platforms, so content will be updated as time permits for our volunteer IT team - so while we organize and improve communication of resources - OKOTA wants to hear from you:

  •  How has the pandemic situation impacted YOU? (job loss, wages cut, childcare or family caregiver roles changing, anxiety& stress increased?)
  •  Have you been told to do job tasks outside your scope of practice OR provide teletherapy in less than appropriate conditions?
  •  Are you looking for resources on Family Medical Leave Act or Short-Term Disability Insurance? Do you want to find additional work/wages for the next 4-6 weeks someplace close to home? 
  •  Being a caregiver & helping others adapt to crises = Occupational Therapy  **Though, at times, we need to focus on self-care to prevent burnout or illness...

OKOTA promotes best practice, in diverse situations, supporting the needs of occupational therapy providers who do life-changing work for our communities. So LET'S SHARE RESOURCES here & COLLABORATE to problem-solve the COVID19 situations today and for the future.

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About the association

OKOTA (since 1967) - Special thanks to Sharon Sanderson, Toby Hamilton, and Mary Isaacson for shaping the future of our profession through a strong foundation. 
The mission of the Oklahoma Occupational Therapy Association is to advance the distinct value of occupational therapy by coordinating and promoting excellence in practice, legislative advocacy, public awareness, and provision of membership resources.

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