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President: Gina Hatfield

Vice-President: Mikki Mayfield

Treasurer: Taylor Dupree

Secretary: Kelsey Brown

OTA Rep: Douglas Ball

Director At Large: Linda Cooper

Director At Large: Jayne Campanini

Student Rep: Lynanne Lutz

AOTA Oklahoma Rep: Ciera Whitmore

Executive Director: Sarah VanAlstine


 Membership: (OPEN), co-chair: Laura Labus

 Community Awareness: Elishea Barlow 

 Development:  Megan Atterberry

 Website/Social Media/IT: Stephannie Bethel 


 Continuing Ed: (OPEN)

 Legislative / Policy: (OPEN)

 Awards Committee: Margaret Bates

  **Newsletter Editor: (OPEN)

OKOTA official documents (bylaws, policy & procedures, and volunteer forms) are organized here for your convenience:

Table of Contents Pages

OKOTA Bylaws  

Policy & Procedures 

Chairperson Pledge

Volunteer Release Form

About the association

OKOTA (since 1967) - Special thanks to Sharon Sanderson, Toby Hamilton, and Mary Isaacson for shaping the future of our profession through a strong foundation. 
The mission of the Oklahoma Occupational Therapy Association is to advance the distinct value of occupational therapy by coordinating and promoting excellence in practice, legislative advocacy, public awareness, and provision of membership resources.

Copyright © 2017, Oklahoma Occupational Therapy Association, [Sarah VanAlstine] 


Oklahoma Occupational Therapy Association

PO Box 2602, Oklahoma City, OK 73101  

Office: 405-259-5575
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